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In addition to providing the highest quality products on the market, Variance prides itself in its commitment to innovation.


Check out our latest specialty finishes products below and see why Variance is the benchmark when it comes decorative wall finishes.

New Specialty Finishes products from Variance.



Veneer Plaster Basecoat and Finish.

A decorative lime based veneer plaster, stucco finish basecoat and leveler for interior and exterior use. It offers a number of finishes such as ultra smooth, sand finish, texture and spray. It can be tinted and/or stained, painted or left as is for a natural white finish.
ArmourPlast can also be used as basecoat for Variance finishes and as a surface leveler over brown coat, existing plaster, concrete and CMU and other properly prepared masonry surfaces.



An acrylic topcoat to add a metallic accent to Variance finishes.

Lustro is a metallic topcoat and sealer that can be used for either interior or exterior applications over smooth surfaces. It will improve the scratch and scuff resistance of the Variance finish while adding a metallic effect.